Jason Layton

Jason’s quest for the Age Old Answers – “Who Are We?” and “Where Do We Come From?” started at a very young age. His curiosity led him to study meditation, dreams, astral travel and channeling. Some of his greatest influences were #1 I AM Presence, Gregg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Ken Carey

A major shift happened when Jason was a teenager. His mother, Debbi Layton, introduced him to “The Masters’ Octave”, a metaphysical channeling group that had been together for 10 years. Jason’s meditations began provide profound guidance and insight. By the time he was 21, he was the channeler for the group. Within no time, the group expanded to two nights a week. He continued this influential work for 4 years.

When he was 27, Jason’s first book was published, “I AM Understanding Who & What You Are Vol.1″ This book is a compilation of his first year of channelings (2006). A short time later, Jason’s second publication “The Quick Guide to Oneness” was printed.

In 2010, Jason stepped away from channeling in pursuit of a more constant direct connection with his Higher Self.  The Soul’s Journey Course is the result of his discoveries of the inner workings into our deepest reality.


“I am very excited to be giving this opportunity to share this information with you.

These techniques are natural and extremely easy but will requires some effort on your part to break down your old paradigm and past belief systems. You are so amazing and powerful, and once you tap into your Inner Wisdom doors will open for you that you forgot existed. All it’s going to take is a little dedication and a slight shift in your perception to change how you view your reality.”       

Jason Layton